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Beat Burnout: How to manage your work-life balance

Tips for a better work-life balance

Most of us will work a 9-5 at some point in our lives, but nobody tells you that once you start working 40 hours a week, trying to maintain a life outside of the office often feels like an extreme sport.

It’s a lot easier said than done to master the work-life balance and we’re no experts by any means. But we have compiled a few tips to help you reclaim control over your personal life and prevent possible burnout.

Take that break

When you’re snowed under with work, it’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t have time for a break. But taking a break can boost your productivity and reduce stress. So, whether you’re entitled to 30 minutes or a full hour, make sure you leave your desk, take a walk, socialise with co-workers, enjoy some lunch, and take that all important break.

Get physical

According to the NHS, we should aim to exercise for 30 minutes, 5 times a week. This could include your commute to work and 5-10 minutes at home when you have the time to spare. Even if you’re pressed for time, try and make exercise a priority. If you put fitness on the back burner, it can take a toll on your wellbeing and affect your quality of life, leading to burnout.

Book your holiday

Easier said than done for the average workaholic, but everyone is allocated annual leave for a reason. So, if you want to keep burnout at bay you better book that holiday and take that well deserved break. Tell us that’s not the best instruction you’ve ever received!

Talk to someone

Too many responsibilities can leave us feeling overwhelmed so if you’re overloaded at work, let your boss know. You’ll feel happier and more productive when you can comfortably manage your workload, and your employers will be happier as a result.

Set boundaries

Some of us have a hard time saying no, usually because we’re scared of conflict or confrontation, or we’d just rather avoid the drama. But because of this fear, we’re greeted with a never-ending to-do list on our desk each morning, and that’s the kind of negativity nobody wants. So, take out the scissors and chop away the tasks you’re not obligated to do. And get comfortable with saying no without feeling guilty – we’re not superhuman after all.

Detach from work

It’s very easy for work to creep into our lives outside of office hours thanks to technology and remote working. This can make us feel like we’re always on the job which impacts our ability to maintain a work-life balance. If you are working from home, make sure your workspace is separate to the parts of your home you associate with downtime. And mute those work notifications as soon as you’ve clocked out for the day, so you can properly disconnect.

Work isn’t going away anytime soon, so as long as you’re on that 9-5 grind, you’ll be trying to get that work-life balance right. But if you make time for yourself and adopt some of the tips we’ve listed above into your daily routine, you’ll find the best way to balance your 9-5 and beat burnout.


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