Come on a journey with us

We’re not usually ones to brag but we do like hearing positive feedback. Especially when it’s from our friends over at Communicator, who have praised us for our work on Toolstation’s Welcome Journey.

Our On Boarding programme for Toolstation starts the moment a customer signs up, and continues to touch base at relevant points within the brand journey over a four day period. The aim is to introduce the customer to Toolstation’s service offering, drive purchase, and reinforce the brand message, whilst also building that all-important trust.

As experts in customer communication, we thrive on doing this kind of work for a number of our clients, and we deliver results across the globe – with offices in the UK, Australia and Dubai.

Our approach consistently revolves around six key aspects; Increasing awareness, supporting consideration, driving purchase, maintaining engagement, encouraging brand advocacy and recognising customer loyalty. It’s never failed us, and is our recipe for making sure your customers come back for more.

If you need help navigating through your journey, then pick up the phone or drop us a message to find out how we can help.