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Adobe hacks every designer needs to know

Whether you’re a motion designer, animator, digital artist, or you’re just big into Adobe and want a fast-track pass to learning the ropes, we’ve got you covered. From After Effects to Illustrator, we’re giving you a sneak peek into how we create with Adobe apps so you can start finessing your every design.

If you followed our Creative Cloud Hacks series on our Instagram @flourishworld, you’ll already have a taste of what’s to come. But if you didn’t, you’re in for a treat. We’re kicking things off with…

1. Photoshop

Some of us will hear Photoshop and instantly think image editing, which is generally the gist. Those better acquainted with the app will know that it’s also used for creating image compositions, website mock-ups, and adding affects. Today, we’re looking at Photoshop from a whole new angle and zooming in on the Match Font tool.

Ever saw a font you adored and knew it would look incredible in one of your designs? The Match Font tool was built for this very purpose! You can now learn how to identify your favourite fonts from an image and use them in your own work. Simply take a picture of the design containing the font you’re after and open it in Photoshop. Ta da!

2. After Effects

This one is geared at the motion designers and animators of the creative sphere. If you’ve been spending a tonne of time creating individual keyframes – Stop. Right. Now. As much as we appreciate the patience and attention to detail, we’ve got a hack that’s going to save you precious time and make your life way easier.

Text Animation presets is the ticket! This tool allows you to easily browse and apply preset animations to add to your text layer and bring it to life. You can choose from a huge range of presets and then tweak to your taste within the Timeline panel once applied. All whilst saving time creating individual keyframes. So, if you’ve been looking to quickly spruce up your kinetic typography – this is it friends.

3. Illustrator

It can take a while to get to grips with the features and functionality of Adobe Illustrator, so if you’re a digital artist who’s up against the clock you’ll thank us for this one.

Keyboard Shortcuts are your best friend when it comes to Illustrator but drawing on them from memory can be tedious when you’re working to tight deadlines. To combat this and crank up your workflow speed, start creating customised shortcuts in Illustrator which you can access at the click of the button. This works like a charm if you’re using the same tools over and over and is the most efficient way to use the app!

4. In Design

Microsoft PowerPoint wasn’t made with designers in mind, and it shows. But don’t fret, we’ve got a trick to overcome its design limitations. It’s a quick fix, which you’ll be pleased to hear, and is perfect for when you need to present the masterpieces you’ve been working on.

When you’ve finished your beautiful creation in InDesign, simply export the file to a PDF and then again to a PowerPoint presentation. Voila! You’ve successfully converted your work ready for show and tell, without compromising the quality.

There you have it, our tips & tricks across Abode Creative Cloud brought to you by our very own Flourish design studio. Now exhaust them till your hearts content! Take a look at some of our other helpful blog posts, provided by our team of marketing experts to help you optimise various elements of your marketing strategy and implementation.


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