Do you even benchmark bros?

Last week Sendgrid published their highly respected Global Email Benchmark Report 2018. Now, we’re not usually ones to unnecessarily flex our email muscle, but we’ve been smashing it. Achieving new PBs, by consistently doubling benchmark performance for our email campaigns.

The problem for many senders is that once their campaign goes live, and the results start coming back, they have little or no idea whether those results are good, bad or distinctly average. Having global benchmarking data at your fingertips enables you to understand how well your campaigns are performing.

Informed by data and analysis from more than 50 billion emails from over 100,000 senders to more than 2 billion recipients, the Sendgrid Global Benchmark Report 2018 is robust.

The report is broken down by industry – after all what’s the point in benchmarking your Retail emails against a Consumer Services or Education campaign?

Our recent Retail campaign, launching the latest Samsung smartphone, which consisted of pre-order, upgrade and switching streams is typical of how our large-send campaigns consistently outperform benchmarks.

 Global Retail Benchmarks  Samsung smartphone launch
 Aggregate open rate 19%  Aggregate open rate 31.5%
 Aggregate click rate 2.7%  Aggregate click rate 5.4%
 Click-to-open rate 14.0%  Click-to-open rate 15.3%


If you’d like to have a chat about how we can help your email programmes smash global benchmarks, get in touch with Ian Reeves. We’ll be happy to give you a FREE email review to get you started.