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Is tech killing creativity?

We all know that technology has changed the way we interact with brands; nowadays consumers are constantly connected to the Internet. They can pick up an email in an instant or buy the latest product with one click, meaning we have less time to grab their attention.

Increasingly, the term ‘programmatic marketing’ is being used more and more within the context of CRM as a way for marketers to leverage real-time behavioural data on consumers. This allows us to personalise cross-channel marketing messages to maximise conversions.

Programmatic can now be utilised for things like email subject lines, which allows brands to test real time performance and intelligently select and immediately apply the best performing content.

Is this evidence that automation is killing creative? Or, can it be seen as a tool that will enable creatives to have more time to focus on the wider customer journey?

Ultimately, technology should be considered more of a vehicle for creativity, and not the creative idea itself. Automation frees up time, and takes some smaller, timely tasks away from us – but it shouldn’t be considered a replacement for the strategic thinking a living person brings to the table.

We need not worry… yet!