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Not only is Flourish a long standing Ometria partner, we’re also a preferred European CRM agency. If you’ve outgrown the capabilities of a platform like Klaviyo, or you’re using Ometria but you want to push the platform to its limits, make Flourish your go-to partner agency / talk to us.

How will flourish help you?

We offer everything from platform onboarding, API integration, data planning, customer journey planning, email design, email build and Platform management.  Using our proven Optimise, Elevate, Transform approach we’ll help you quickly demonstrate ROI whilst delivering on your KPIs, giving you the confidence to take the next steps and super-charge your CRM capabilities.

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Optimise your current CRM activity to maximise its potential.
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Elevate CRM capabilities to further enhance results and enable progress towards the vision.
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Deliver a customer-centric CRM programme with genuine cross-channel, real-time delivery.

Send Less. Sell More

In retail sales matter. Having worked both client and agency side with brands including ASOS, Screwfix and Samsung, we get that. However, our experience shows sending more emails, isn’t always the magic formula.

Automated customer journeys built in Ometria and tailored to an individual’s behaviour have a greater financial impact than frequent sales emails. We design customer journeys that track where a contact is in the buying cycle, and which predict next actions. Contacts respond more positively to personalised communications that land with them at the right time and with the relevant messaging.

By providing contacts with helpful, timely reminders and recommendations based on their behaviour, we’ve seen an overall conversion rate of 2.87% for our automated customer journeys, versus 0.05% for frequent, catch-all style broadcast comms.

In a nutshell, more orders and more revenue from far fewer email sends.

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Proven, award-winning experience

We’re Ometria experts, and CRM specialists, but our broader service offering means we can add real value outside of the platform environment too.

We used first/zero party CRM data from Ometria, to inform channel strategies for Pai Skincare. It helped us reduce paid media costs, increase AOV and win a coveted Campaign Media Award:

Pai Logo Campaign Winner 2024 Logo

Ditching the discounts – utilising CRM insights to inform a ‘full price first’ media strategy


The challenge

When Pai Skincare approached Flourish, although CRM platform Ometria was in place there wasn’t any audience segmentation or differentiation in customer journeys. Instead, all of Pai’s customers were being treated the same. Over time, with ambitious sales targets to hit, Pai’s strategy had become to simply flood customers and prospects with discounts and promos to prompt re-purchase and purchase.

Both the brand and Pai’s skin consultation services were being seriously devalued. In addition, with more and more sales relying on discounting, CPA was skyrocketing.


The solution

We used Ometria’s Predictive Attributes to identify behaviours that indicated customers who were currently classified as ACTIVE but were about to become AT RISK or LAPSED based on the dates since their last purchase. We then served a re-activation email journey highlighting the quality of the products and value of the services on offer from Pai, followed by a re-purchase journey, all with a ‘full price first’ approach.

With the new CRM journeys in place, Pai had both the insights and confidence to pursue a ‘full price first’ media strategy too..


The results

Pai have boosted repeat sales from existing customers and first-time sales from new customers at the full RRP. As a result, Pai has seen CPA reduce by a whopping 73%.

The learnings and insights that we utilised from CRM to inform the media strategy meant that the retargeting and acquisition activity saw an improved engagement rate of 96% for product focused ads compared to the previous 6-month period, and a conversion rate of +4.84%.

The customer experience was greatly improved with a customer journey that deepens the relationship between the Pai brand and its customers, rather than relying on a transactional relationship based on heavy discounts and promos.

Looking for an Ometria recommended specialist CRM agency?

You’ve come to the right place. Request a free consultation with our specialist CRM team.

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