Clean up after the job this Valentine's Day

Showing our clients some love this Valentine’s

Love is in the air at Flourish HQ. Well, maybe not love. But there’s definitely a buzz. We’ve been working hard in the build up to Valentine’s day for a number of our clients, most notably Toolstation.

Now let’s face it. It’s a challenge jumping on the speeding, overcrowded bandwagon that is V Day to create something that stands out at the best of times. It’s made doubly hard when your audience is a cynical, hard to impress bunch like tradespeople.

It’s not that they don’t have a sense of humour – they do – it’s just that the type of humour they like is the kind of humour that gets your brand a bad name.

Last week we proactively pitched some tongue-in-cheek concepts that are bang on for Toolstation’s target audience, and stays just the right side of tasteful for the brand.

Wear protection this Valentine's

Of course it isn’t just Valentine’s day that provides a seasonal opportunity to get creative for your clients in a unique way. There are lots of chances throughout the year to create work that indexes high on sharablity and talkablilty.

Everything you need this Valentine's

By associating a brand with something that the public are actively talking about, it puts that brand front of mind. It also shows that brands can have a sense of humour, making them appear more human and less corporate. It’s a win-win for everyone involved in the process. In our case, we feel that Toolstation have gained even more credibility as ‘Your best mate for the job’ amongst its audience.