Ten things we believe to be true

We think CRM is super important. And we’ll tell you why. Here are ten things we believe to be true about the mighty world of CRM.

1. CRM ain’t what it used to be

CRM has changed a great deal over the last decade. And it’s not done yet. Ploughing on at a rate of knots, it’s powered by evermore complex CRM tools and technology. Therefore, to support this evolving consumer experience, we like to add a sprinkle of technology, a handful of data insight and a big dollop of powerful creative. It makes for one sweet CRM pie.

2. The robots are coming. Look busy.

In an increasingly automated world where the AI takeover is imminent, creative work is being commoditised. For us, ‘creative’ still plays an invaluable part in any journey, and whatever form it takes, it must create meaning and value for the customer. Marrying data, tech and creative is a balancing act, for sure – but when you get it right, the result can be magnificent.

3. You can always make it better

If it isn’t broken, why fix it? Some of the platforms and technology you have in place might already be a great foundation for your “new and improved” model. CRM is our jam, so why not preserve what you already have and make it oh-so-much better? There are lots of simple ways you can make your current processes slicker and more efficient.

4. It’s good to be ‘hands on’

It sounds counter-intuitive, but using automated marketing processes within a business requires a team to be more ‘hands on’ with each other. Closer collaboration + better working practices = CRM transformation.

5. Large-scale change doesn’t have to be scary

Change can feel daunting – but it needn’t be. Using our crack team of data planners and consumer journey wizards, we’ll open the door to genuine cross-channel capabilities and maximise your consumer lifetime value. See? Not so scary.

6. CRM has never been more relevant

If you accept that data is central to marketing success, CRM really is the bee’s knees. Data can provide invaluable insight that informs consumer-friendly strategies and great creative. So, if CRM is the lock, then data is the key.

7. You should think BIGGER

There’s a big ol’ world out there, and you need to think big to make an impact. Back in 2015, we set sail for Australia, with our sights on the Samsung Australia CRM account. Not only did we win it, but it gave us a platform to grow and develop as an agency Down Under. Plus, Australia has over 60 wine regions, and who doesn’t like wine?

8. Don’t hate, collaborate

Sure, we have a bunch of clever folk who know CRM inside out. But finger wagging ain’t our thing. We always try to collaborate, not preach. To work with teams, existing systems and processes – not against them. And we’ve been lucky enough to do that with some of the biggest organisations in the world (see who and what) and we’re proud to have helped them realise their CRM vision.

9. Fortune favours the brave

To make a difference, you don’t always need to bring about BIG changes, but you should be willing to take calculated risks. For some clients, this means improving their CRM slowly over time; for others, it’s a giant leap into the unknown. But hey, nobody changed the world by playing it safe.

10. When the world zigs…

Finally, like a zebra in a field of horses, it’s important to stand out in what you do – never accepting ‘good enough’, always striving for bigger, bolder and better. It’s a principle we apply to everything we do, and it can lead to unforgettable creative, ambitious data strategy and results that speak for themselves.


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