Thinking about others

St Mungo’s is a charity that not only provides shelter for people experiencing homelessness, but also programmes tailored to the individual, including education, training and therapy, with the intention of putting a roof over their heads and making sure they have the life skills and support to keep it.

With the mercury plunging, our Creative team thought it was a good opportunity to focus the public’s attention on the issue of homelessness. After all, how many times did you hear people saying “it’s at times like this that you feel glad to have a roof over your head”, as the beast dumped snow and freezing temperatures on us?

The resulting idea was a regionally targeted Facebook campaign, using actual weather forecasts to provide a ‘severe weather warning for the homeless’.

The creative presented homelessness in a way that people could connect with – they knew how cold it was in their area, they’d experienced it for themselves. Our creative nudged them to think about what it would be like to be homeless in freezing temperatures, and presented supporting St Mungo’s as a way to help.

We showed St Mungo’s the ideas, and they saw the value straight away, promising to put some spend behind it. Katie Wimpenny, Legacy and In Memory Coordinator said “It was a timely and relevant fundraising idea, and we love that Flourish approached us with it.”

Best of all, from our perspective is that the activity was really successful, generating an ROI of 2:1. It just goes to show the value of pro-active work. Something that you will only get when your agency is always thinking outside the brief.

If you’d like to have a talented team thinking outside the brief for your charity or business, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.