The popcorn generation

Why online video deserves your attention

After years of dreaming up all manner of digital film content, we’ve discovered two things about online video.

Thing one: it’s now a powerful weapon in every marketer’s armoury.
Thing two: people still love cat vids.

And there’s something else. Online video now sits neatly in more stages of the customer journey than ever before – from tentative research to the last boundary before buying. The popcorn generation doesn’t just want to read about your product or service; they want to see it in action. So, with our CRM hats firmly on, let’s take a closer look at where video is making the biggest waves.


If you’ve ever fit a headlight bulb on a Volvo, YouTube was probably your first port of call. Sure, you notched up a couple cat vid views en-route (who can blame you?) but the point is, you fixed that headlight with the help of video. You learned a new skill. And if the current trend is anything to go by, the thirst for informative content won’t be quenched anytime soon. Putting your weight behind a little educational content might stand you in good stead for hoovering up new customers later down the line.


Video might be the quickest and easiest way to get to grips with a product or service. And when demoed by down-to-earth people, the sales pitch feels more authentic, and that makes parting with cash a little less intimidating. Just look at the rise of influencer marketing. Yes, glitzy brand productions have their place, but people often seek out ‘real content’ from ‘real people’. Worth remembering before blowing all your budget Brasseye-style, whooshy graphics.


As people use video to explore and learn, they discover new brands and products that can help them reach their goals. That exposure can prompt research and ultimately drive sales. So, collaborating on video with other brands could be mutually beneficial.


With cheaper mobile data and widespread Wi-Fi, on-the-go viewing is commonplace even in-store. Whether it’s a product review or specific features, watching a video is often the preferred way to get the information needed to decide on a purchase there and then. Think of it as your final sales push – a short film that neatly sums up the features and benefits.

We’re all about customer journeys at Flourish. And we’re no stranger to the silver screen, having created all kinds of cool films for brands like Unilever and Toolstation. Want to see more? We’d love to show you some work and chat about movies. Ping us an email and we’ll get the popcorn in.