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Bringing Opus Energy’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to life

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Helping Customer Service Staff 'Shoot for the Stars'

Opus Energy supply renewable electricity to small and medium UK businesses. Following an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) focusing on customer service they had seen a significant improvement in their Trustpilot score and overall ratings/reviews. The organisation was looking for ways to celebrate this achievement and maintain staff engagement so the business could continue striving for excellence in the way it dealt with customers.

Opus Energy realised that to truly maintain excellence in customer service the whole business needed to be on board – not just call centre staff. Every person in the organisation, no matter their position, ultimately has an impact on how the customer ‘experiences’ the brand. Therefore, it was important to engage with employees across the entire organisation from sales, technical, marketing and call centre agents. The had developed a strong EVP, but they needed to bring it to life.

Opus Energy chose Flourish because, as their retained CRM agency, we know their business inside and out and have demonstrated time and again our ability to engage different audiences, maintain that engagement over time and motivate a desired action.

Initially we were briefed to come up with a theme that could be rolled out as motivational posters around their Northampton office. But we had grander plans…


Trustpilot score maintained

Given the gains already made, and the fact the campaign needed to celebrate as well as motivate, we knew staff and their efforts should be at the heart of whatever we proposed. They are the stars of the show after all.

Customer Service agents had already put in some hard yards. Through training, a great spirit and dedication across the team to improve, they’d taken their Trustpilot rating from ‘poor’ to ‘excellent’.

However, we realised that the gains already made were to some extent due to some ‘quick wins’ through ‘better basics’ and that moving a Trustpilot score up from 4.1 would require a concentrated, business-wide effort.

We proposed a complete office branding solution, focused on a day to celebrate and ‘relaunch’ the businesses renewed customer service efforts. Keep reading to see the video walk-around of the Opus Energy office re-design end result.

movie style posters for Opus Energy staff

Inspired by the Trustpilot star rating, which reminded us of film reviews, our idea was to cast staff as stars in their own epic story of customer service.

The office branding solution was 3 tiered, with the highlight being a movie poster inspired campaign, that captured the imagination of Customer Service agents in a playful, and fun way.

We created faux movie posters in different genres that portrayed the day-to-day work of call centre staff as epic. Large wall graphics featuring the Trustpilot star rating were accompanied with actual quotes from customers. There were also large, branded images that made sure the whole office felt different and filled with renewed energy. We also created supporting collateral to engage staff during launch and beyond including desk wobblers, popcorn cartons and desk stickers.

The renewed customer service push ‘Shooting for the Stars’ was focused on a launch event. Staff came into the office to be confronted by an ‘Oscars’ type event complete with red carpet, roped off areas and awards for outstanding customer service achievement.

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