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We were appointed by Samsung in 2011 to run their global eCRM strategy and create communications to support activity across their divisions. Samsung had an ambitious CRM vision and by taking a series of small steps we were able to help them achieve it. This meant we could fast track Samsung Australia and Samsung Gulf eCRM capabilities when we were appointed in 2014 and 2018 respectively.

Flourish have provided high quality embedded team members since 2012. In fact a number of staff have gone on to join Samsung in senior positions.

2011 – 2012


When we started working with Samsung there was no CRM in place. We worked with the team to start planning a CRM programme with an overall vision of what it should look like for the business.

We revised email identity and creative and engaged in some proof of concept testing within the ongoing email programme. By 2012 we were building CRM capabilities working with the team to design and build a new database, procuring a CRM platform and developing a contact strategy

2013 – 2015


With regular comms in place and a new database now live we looked to enhance it, first with a full cleanse then with hierarchy and advanced categorisation.

We developed ROI metrics for CRM and began targeting based on device ownership which opened the gates to cross sell, upsell and re-sell campaigns. By 2014 we were able to launch automated on-boarding comms, and collaborate with other divisions to create cross category campaigns. We implemented a test and learn programme and developed best practice for flagship launches. We were also able to integrate 3rd party lifestyle data into the database allowing us to better target our comms and drive increased ROI.

2015 – present


We introduced fluid email design so that our emails looked perfect on any device they were opened on.

We developed a model for product ownership lifecycle and developed a strategy for the Samsung Online Shop. Now, with capabilities to make sure our emails went to those consumers who were most likely to respond we executed our flagship launch strategy starting with the Galaxy S6. Over subsequent launches we turned email into the best performing channel for driving sales. Over the same period, we smashed targets for sale events like Black Friday and Christmas. And continue to do so to this day.

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