Developing Global Best Practice in CRM


Time poor chefs are difficult to target. A global best practice approach for CRM was needed to ensure consistent and effective comms were rolled out in all countries, whilst data enrichment improved content and targeting.

571% increase in website newsletter sign up*


Following an in-depth review of the existing customer journey VS our ideal CRM journey, we identified that a key source of data collection was not being exploited. No prominent newsletter sign up existed on the Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) website. For us, this was the first and most important adaptation that needed to be implemented – as it would ultimately form the basis of our initial CRM activity.

30% increase in mobile


We created promotional banners listing the key benefits of signing up (ingredients, recipes, promotions, free samples, news etc) and placed them across the UFS website. New registrants were asked for basic contact details and, depending on engagement if they were ordering a sample for instance, 3 x Golden Questions. These questions identified type of business, number of covers and opening hours in order to help predict potential future sales.

We developed a set of email templates that could be used to communicate with the newly bulging database of engaged chefs. In addition we created a range of guidelines, presentations and training resources so that marketing teams in different regions around the world could implement a CRM programme.

*over a 2-month trial period in Germany