Reengaging eBay's customers

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eBay is an online institution. But even their customers don’t shop forever. They come and go for a whole bunch of different reasons, and eBay wanted to re-engage them. Specifically, customers who had not made a transaction for 12 months or more.


better ROI than email


the redemption rate than email


Traditionally, eBay were using email to win back customers. But with open and click-through rates declining, it was obvious to us that apathy had set it. We thought a little disruption was in order.

We were sure a direct mail piece would provide the cut through eBay needed. We put our reputation on the line by suggesting a test against eBay’s ‘win-back’ email campaign. We tested a highly personalised, digitally printed pack in the UK and Germany, offering vouchers as an incentive to shop with eBay again.


As we expected Direct Mail came through as the winner.

It offered around four times the redemption rate of email, better results in Active Buyers, and crucially, a far superior return on investment. We were pretty chuffed, and so were eBay.

eBay DM pack
eBay DM pack


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