Unilever Food Solutions
Elevating data-capture for Unilever Food Solutions

Elevating data-capture for Unilever Food Solutions

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Unilever Food Solution’s (UFS) audience of professional chefs are notoriously hard to communicate with. Even die hard users of UFS products resist anything but a very transactional relationship.

With the Flourish Team we set the foundation for our global digital strategy. It is now being deployed across our markets and is fundamental in driving growth.

Joris Broekmans, Global New Demand Creation Manager, Unilever Food Solutions

When we first started working with Unilever Food Solutions, one of the first things we did following a comprehensive review of the CRM journey was to implement an always-on single newsletter sign up on their website homepage as a vital source of data-capture.

It was working well, gathering email addresses for chefs, but we felt that we could elevate the quality of the data we were collecting.


We developed 3 x Golden Questions to sit below the basic collection of details.

Value exchange is important and these questions were asked depending on engagement – if visitors were ordering a sample for instance.

The Golden Questions identified type of business, number of covers and opening hours in order to help predict potential future sales. It meant that we could send more relevant communications to chefs, and increase email engagement.