Clarke Willmott

Uplift in lead generation for Clarke Willmott

#Acquisition #Strategy

Clarke Wilmott recognise that their clients prefer working with lawyers who understand the climate in which they operate in with leads being handled by the partners themselves. Because of this providing high quality traffic wasn’t enough – all leads had to be of high value to ensure targets were met without any waste.


uplift in lead generation


increased form completions


increase in calls


Using an extremely granular approach at keyword level ensured every click was providing value.

Marking the most of the budget with time of day/hour of day bidding enabled us to gain impression share & operate in a highly competitive landscape. Paying close attention to identify each user journey ‡ behaviour on site for each sector of law was key.


Despite battling high competition and big spenders we were able to exceed KPIs within 3 months.

But it didn’t stop there – improving attribution client side with custom reporting and real time dashboards for multiple stakeholders.


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