Using mobile and locality to increase B2B leads

Using mobile and locality to increase B2B leads

References Products: Engage Insight Refine

SUEZ needed to increase leads on site and drive conversions for not just local businesses but also SME’s. We knew the strategy had to be defined quickly in order to drive results. The recommendation was to utilise the high intent, unique targeting in paid search and combine it with the additional targeting in LinkedIn.


increase of B2B leads


decrease of cost-per-conversion


Using PPC we profiled the decision makers and business owners we wanted to go after. Who they are, where they are and where we could reach them.

Creating different retargeting audiences to use across search and social, we discovered creating one ‘funnel’ wasn’t good enough – identifying the journey to convert on multiple devices and serving the right messaging at the right time was key. By creating hyper personalised ads down to postcode level enabled better efficiency when targeting local businesses. This provided an uplift in CTR and conversion rate for all non-branded campaigns.


In 2018 we were able to see big uplifts in performance month on month with conversions and ROI in Google Ads.

The cost-per-conversion decreased 43% after we overhauled the geo-strategy for local campaigns, turning a one size fits all blanket approach into a local/mobile focused approach. By having complete attribution for every conversion type ensured high transparency of performance and have clear ROI from start to finish.