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Better AdWords Basics- Part 2

Building on the basics

In last week’s post, we looked at the importance of getting your AdWords basics right to ensure that your account is optimised and performing to its true potential. This week in part 2, we’re building on those basics with six top tips to drive your campaigns forward.

1) Start with remarketing- the display network can be difficult to master, especially if you have a small budget. Therefore, we would advise starting off with remarketing as it targets ads to users who have already clicked onto your site i.e. to those already interested. These ads give said users a gentle ‘nudge’/reminder of your services or the last product they saw on your site.

2) Implement campaign experiments- test different site landing pages to see which page is more successful.

3) Review ad scheduling & device adjustments- it is important to look into what days of the week and hours of the day your campaigns are preforming well in, and on what devices. As a result, you can ensure that your ads are running cost-efficiently.

4) Divide up your locations- avoid using block areas. By dividing nations, for example, into specific countries can help you to determine which campaigns are preforming well in what areas, and subsequently where to focus your budget.

5) Avoid duplications- don’t duplicate keywords. This can lower your account quality score, increase CPC and average position (meaning that your ads are appearing further down the page).

6) Choose your match type carefully- think of both your budget and time. If you set keywords to broad match this can be cheaper, however, it also opens yourself up to a large volume of erroneous traffic, which will need weekly reviews of the search term report. N.B. you could always test different match types.

Staying on top of the basics we have talked about in parts 1 and 2 of this blog takes time. But get it right and it’s time well spent. If you would like any support in making sure that you’re getting the AdWords basics right, please get in touch with Steve Davis our Head of Media.