Top AdWords Features of 2017…So Far

A few weeks ago, we looked at the top Google My Business and Google Analytics features of 2017 so far and we weren’t exaggerating, there has been some seriously cool new additions. This week in part 2, we are focusing solely on AdWords:

1) Maximise Conversions Bidding Strategy– Part of AdWords Smart Bidding, ‘Maximise Conversions’ adjusts bids for every auction in order to get the most number of sales from your existing budget. It takes factors such as remarketing lists, time of day, browser and operating system and historical performance into account. Unlike Target ROAS or Target CPA bidding strategies, Maximize Conversions is concerned with conversion volume rather than return on investment goals.

2) Expanded Text Ad Descriptions– Google is currently testing a new second description line which will double the number of characters available in text ad descriptions. This will help to reduce the number of wasted clicks and increase the likelihood of a conversion as users will be able to make a better-informed decision before clicking-through.

3) All Device Price Extensions– These extensions are now eligible to show on all devices, not just mobile. Again, this will help to reduce the number of wasted clicks (as they can see how much the product/service costs) and increase conversions.

4) Swipeable Carousel Ad Extensions– Google has been using swipeable cards in mobile text ads to display both sitelink and price extensions. However, it has recently been testing a version that combines multiple ad extension types into one swipeable card carousel.

5) Google Shopping Swipeable Carousel– Google Shopping has started testing mobile product card unit ads in a swipeable carousel. These ads resemble the mobile price extension format, as well as providing a filter option. Moreover, these store cards include further information such as product model.

6) Quality Score Historical Data– Advertisers will no longer have to hover over the bubble icon next to each keyword to get an insight into current Quality Score factors. Instead, four new columns – Qual. Score (hist.), Landing page exper. (hist.), Ad relevance (hist.) and Exp. CTR (hist.) – show the last known score in the selected date range. By segmenting data (under the dimensions tab), advertisers can now see how Quality Score has changed over time.

7) AdWords UI– Google has been testing a new AdWords interface currently known as the AdWords Beta. Although it is missing some original features, its slick layout clearly presents data (particularly in graph formats) and includes new features such as promotion extensions, household income targeting, landing page performance and call extension bid adjustments.

8) YouTube RSLA– You can now re-target users who have engaged with your YouTube videos on Google search. These YouTube remarketing lists can be set up from the Audiences section in the Shared Library- just select ‘YouTube users’ when creating a new list. You can subsequently decide on what type of YouTube user you want to remarket to based on their channel actions.

Need help understanding these new features or wanting to apply them to your business? Please get in contact with our Head of Media, Steve Davis, today and see where AdWords can take you.