What size of agency is ‘just right’?

Clients have cottoned on. They’re fed up with having to go through a Russian Doll of project managers for a little tweak. They’re finished with the big brand agencies who aren’t willing to budge, bend or make an amend. They’re over agencies who cling to the notion that the big brand idea ‘definitely is’ flexible enough to fill every space in every channel. And frankly, who can blame them?

Today’s agencies need to constantly evolve or face extinction. They must be nimble enough to respond quickly to a brief, yet big enough to knock it for six. They should hold creative output above everything, right down to the teeniest, tiniest detail. ‘Client needs’ should be right at the top of their list, pinned on their fridge, written in bold and underlined twice.

All pretty tough when you’re a marauding big brand agency with even bigger egos and profit-hungry shareholders to appease.

But, for an agency like Flourish, it’s all second nature. OK, we’re not perfect. But we do believe in doing the little things right, taking the time to understand our clients and producing creative work that’s really rather good.

If you’d like to know more about our way of working, we’ll happily tell all. Pop an email to our General Manager, Ian Reeves, and he’ll pop the kettle on.