Driving app usage through email for Citibank

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Citibank briefed Flourish to develop a digital campaign to support a new product feature of their credit card in the Pan Asian region. PayLite allows customers to convert purchases of over $1,000 into a loan that can be repaid over 3, 6, 12 or 24 months, with the click of a button within the Citi Mobile App. Citibank wanted to use the PayLite feature to encourage app download among existing high value customers.


signups in the Thai market within the first 2 weeks


Our initial dive into audience behaviour revealed that these high value customers had been categorised as such because they pay their credit card bill every month – and had no real need for the PayLite function.

We suggested more appropriate audience selections based on monthly spend and that the PayLite proposition could be used to attract new customers.


Existing Citibank customers were sent a series of email creatives, testing incentives to download the Citi Mobile App and use the PayLite feature.

Insight into how PayLite would be used was patchy, so we created an initial phase of creative that tested three propositions in Facebook; aspirational, experiential and distressed purchases. The winning proposition was rolled out across digital display and videos were created for social channels. The creative was translated into 7 x languages for the Pan Asian region.

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Citibank Emails


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