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Reducing CPA for Pai Skincare by 73%

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Reducing CPA for Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare is an independently owned skincare brand whose products are aimed at people with sensitive skin. Pai’s products contain certified organic ingredients and are clinically proven for sensitive skin.

Pai approached Flourish to support with their digital marketing; specifically, to help them achieve their ambitious growth plans, by optimising their customer journeys, ultimately attract new customers, increase sales and reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Pai Skincare was launched in 2007 by Founder and CEO Sarah Brown. Sarah had been affected by a chronic skin condition called Urticaria. She discovered that many of the cosmetics she’d always loved using were no longer suitable. Sarah tried hundreds of products but with the same results. The only products that didn’t irritate her skin were thick medical creams and lotions. It got her thinking that the market was crying out for a range of products that were both appealing and kind to your skin.


Reduction in Cost-per-Acquisition


Increase in Engagement

The Challenge

Pai products are good. Like really good. Pai knew that because of the quality of their products, that once they had acquired a customer, repeat purchases, upsell and cross sell were all relatively straightforward. However, it was clear to them that they were never going to be able to achieve their ambitious growth targets without deep-diving into their existing data set and acquiring new customers.

Getting onto people’s consideration list in the super-competitive cosmetics world is tough. People use the products they like and are fiercely loyal to the brands they use. Pai simply didn’t have the eye-watering marketing budgets needed to create mass awareness and prompt trial at scale.

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Why Pai Chose Flourish

Flourish has a proven track record in digital marketing, with specialisms in customer journey and conversion rate optimisation. We’re platform agnostic and work with multiple CRM systems. Pai approached Flourish following a recommendation from Ometria, Pai’s CRM platform. Ometria felt that we had the experience and expertise to help Pai grow their business within a strict budget.

How Flourish Responded

One size doesn’t fit all and our Optimise, Elevate, Transform approach provides a flexible framework that means our clients can achieve their goals at a pace they feel comfortable with. When faced with a challenge like Pai’s, we knew there was no silver bullet. With a limited budget, optimisation was the best approach.

We looked at every aspect of Pai’s marketing activity and adjusted where necessary. By optimising existing journeys and enhancing owned data through rigorous testing and segmentation, we increased sales and put ourselves in a good place to attract new customers whilst reducing CPA, and get the most out of existing customers by boosting repeat sales.

We have created multiple work streams since beginning our relationship with Pai. But one of the projects that is already bearing fruit is our social acquisition campaign to reduce CPA. We did this by targeting website visitors who had left the site before making a purchase and those who viewed specific product pages before leaving without purchasing.

Flourish created three campaigns for use in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn:

– Advantage Shopping+ – highlighting range of best sellers
– Dynamic catalogue – showing product bundles.
– Product focused – showing specific products.

5 different social media adverts for Pai.

The Results

Our campaigns attained all their KPIs and provided significant learnings that we can use to optimise future acquisition campaigns.


  • CPA was -73% compared to the previous acquisition campaign run in the month before Pai met Flourish
  • Average conversion rate was +4.84%
  • Product focused ads increased engagement by +96%


In addition, we learned:

• Which products shifted most units
• Facebook outperformed Instagram on a cost by sales basis
• Instagram was slightly lower than Facebook for CPC

If you’d like to understand how Flourish could help optimise your digital marketing to reduce CPA, increase conversion or simply drive more traffic to your site, please get in touch. Contact our Marketing Business Development Manager Aimee Blakemore – [email protected].


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