Flourish launch a dedicated CRO team

Flourish add a dedicated CRO team

With consumer confidence slowly returning, smart brands are turning their attention to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

From CTA to SEO, marketers have always loved an acronym. But the one that’s on the lips of our clients right now is CRO. Conversion Rate Optimisation has been a hot topic for Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) professionals for years, but in the second half of 2023 it’s firing the imaginations of clients too.

The last 12 months have been a challenging for businesses, with high inflation fuelling an already acute cost-of-living crisis and prompting a downturn in consumer spend. There’s plenty of optimism however, consumer spending remains cautious. And that’s where CRO comes in.

Businesses are increasingly gravitating towards CRO because it specifically looks at strategies to optimise conversion. By focusing your attention where drop-off has historically occurred, you can employ a range of techniques and testing strategies to increase conversion at a fraction of the cost of acquiring new customers. If you can convert more traffic, you can reduce CPA and generate more value from your owned data.

With CRO taking centre stage, Flourish has taken the confident step of investing in a dedicated CRO offering with a mission of “Improving customer journeys to drive action”.

Ian Reeves, Managing Director at Flourish said: “We have been implementing CRO to unlock untapped potential for existing clients’ customer journeys, delivering significant improvements in Cost Per Acquisition and Average Order Value. With the current economic environment, it feels like exactly the right time to formally launch our CRO offering.”

As a CRM agency, Flourish focus on customer journeys – ultimately how to turn enquirers into customers, customers into repeat customers and ultimately regular customers – we have access to so much first party data through CRM that brands are naturally turning to us to add value to their wider CRO strategies.

The new CRO team at Flourish is headed by Managing Partner, Steve Davis who will lead all the performance activity within the agency.

Steve said: “As a CRM agency our challenge has always been to encourage people to take an action. However, most journeys involve steps that aren’t controlled by marketing teams and this is where we often see a drop-off in conversion rates. Launching a new team who combine media, FMCG, retail and analytics experience will help our clients to demonstrate the value of applying customer journey elements through every stage of the decision-making cycle from offline and online, small tweaks can make a really big difference.”

The agency has been strengthening its personnel in recent months with the addition of a number of key hires from commercial businesses with a strong CRO focus. Rob Manley joined as Technical Director having worked with Screwfix and Stuart Gormley as Account Director who brings FMCG experience from Pick n Pay, one of South Africa’s biggest retail groups.

The creation of a dedicated CRO team is a natural next step for a CRM agency like Flourish, who have been helping their clients optimise their conversion rates through digital channels for years.

If you’d like to find out more about CRO and how an agency like Flourish and how they could help you with your own CRO strategies, please get in touch with [email protected].