Inspiring chefs with authentic world recipes

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Consumers are becoming more adventurous, seeking wider, more exciting and AUTHENTIC menu choices when they dine out of home. To meet these demands Knorr launched World Cuisine a ‘product basket’ of typical Thai and Western ingredients. We were asked to create a brand identity and use digital channels to engage and inspire chefs both in Asia and Europe to purchase the ingredients for their own kitchens.

We love the energy of the recipe videos, the music and overall vibe. They have great production values and foodiness. Overall they’re very exciting! Thank you for creating this amazing campaign. I am confident that this will greatly boost our growth.

– VP Asia UFS


Chefs in Europe and Asia recognise that their customers are interested in food from other cultures, but they lack the confidence and knowledge to create truly authentic dishes to satisfy this need.

They needed to be inspired to go out of their comfort zone and supported with access to straightforward, easy to follow recipes, practical tips and access to authentic ingredients.


We inspired Asian and Thai chefs with rich stories of expertise, craft and provenance that enhanced chefs’ knowledge and perceptions. We also provided the tools chef’s needed to bring Asian and Western cuisine to life in their own kitchens.

We created a social media playbook that could be executed globally. This social activity engaged chefs and pushed them to our Asian and European landing pages which housed over 60 recipe and tips videos, and included detailed product information so they could purchase the ingredients they needed to create the dishes. We also created POS materials for Wholesalers, including a printed recipe book.


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