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Multi-channel optimisation delivers 331% ROI for Hey!Broadband

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In 2022, we started working with UK challenger broadband provider to regions in the South East, Hey!Broadband. Having made a great start to optimising their approach to multi-channel advertising, by creating a more specific audience targeting strategy and reducing the cost-per-acquisition (CPA), we continued to build upon the success of these earlier campaigns throughout 2023. Thanks to our tailored multi-channel campaigns to distinct buying phases, Hey!Broadband achieved 331% ROI in May alone. Thanks to a detailed, data-driven strategy, combined with the introduction of ‘Benny’, the new company mascot designed by our creative team, customer engagement has also risen by 16% month-on-month.




Month-on-month increase in revenue

The Challenge

Hey!Broadband’s consumer base is split across multiple regions and included a huge diversity of varying customer profiles.

A key component of the planning phases was audience identification, segmentation and assigning roles and objectives to channels and campaigns across search, social, email, out of home and campaign phase. This ensures each customer group and location had their own conversion journey.

Hey!Broadband have unconventional business ambitions, and strive to become a recognisable and expanding force in a competitive industry. Their focus is targeting customers within their three defined buying phases: Awareness, coming soon and available now. Being a challenger brand with smaller budgets than their competitors such as BT and Sky, we had a harder task of showcasing the benefits and values of Hey!Broadband’s services to build trust and authenticity without relying on price led offers to build their customer base. This means the use of data was key to the overall strategy as well as this specific campaign.

The Solution

Using a data led approach taking in ONS***, Experian/Mosaic profiling and first party data analysis, we planned and executed a tactical multi-channel marketing campaign with the objective of driving sales in selected key areas, whilst in tandem priming audiences in the awareness and coming soon phases. A target of 1,000 customers for the May campaign was set after analysing acquisition data and sign up rates in key areas, identifying locations where we had a low penetration rate.

This tactical campaign ran throughout May 2023, alongside our always-on brand campaigns, with meticulous planning top ensure there was no cannibalisation of audiences or channel.

The campaign was then planned by analysing:

• Household income at postcode level
• Current broadband provider
• Mosaic Group type – Aligning products to target audiences through a matrix of messaging and creative testing
• OOH** inventory was planned and deployed based on proximity to clusters of households within each phase i.e., what media was available based on commuter routes – We analysed regional bus routes to cover multiple regions for examples to give maximum relevant reach and ensure an always-on approach for the duration of the campaign.
• This research gave us a target audience pool of 177,640 across each phase, with a target of 1,000 customers.

The campaign plan encompassed various digital strategies, including digital OOH**, social media, and paid search. To ensure maximum relevance, we meticulously analysed household data within each target region and tailored Hey!Broadband’s messaging to specific household postcodes. Additionally, we conducted extensive testing of messaging across each phase. In this process, we overlaid Mosaic data with ONS*** data, examining crucial factors such as household income, current broadband provider, and Mosaic group type, aligning Hey!Broadband’s products precisely with their target audiences.

Magazines for Hey!Broadband reading 'Full fibre fit for a king'.

One of our key tactics involved targeting postal codes based on household type and the corresponding buying phase indicated by location data. Moreover, we undertook a brand refresh, introducing our adorable mascot, Benny, to establish a friendlier and more approachable image while preserving our professionalism and integrity.

Each channel had its own objective, based on an overall acquisition target. We knew that certain channels were able to acquire more orders, based on data profiling, and what we knew about each segment based on where they were in the purchase cycle. We used this information to build customer journeys for each digital channels – Search, Facebook, and Instagram – for acquisition and OOH** campaigns to drive awareness at the top of the funnel.

We ran creative tests as well as audience segmentation to discover at what level the following factors influenced results: Ad type and placement, creative, form and messaging. We included split testing on Facebook and Instagram and localised DM (Direct Mail) campaigns.

Each campaign was then analysed in real-time looking at core metrics such as Click through rate, conversion rate, engagement, and view through to determine the best performing campaign and channel based against the objectives set.

We increased the frequency of our digital campaigns in areas where we had large scale OOH** formats – 48 and 96 sheet billboards – to increase customer touch points, and then used Analytic packages and AI scripts within Google to increase or decrease spend and frequency at certain times of day, days of week and location to work out what messaging was resonating with each customer segment, and when.

After a two-week period, we then began a highly effective re-marketing strategy, utilising different formats and CTAs to drive acquisition, all while continuously monitoring objectives, engagement, and conversion rates. This drove performance and acquisition across all channels.

The Results

From March to May, we saw an increase in new sign ups to Hey!Broadband’s Superfast 100, Megafast 400 and Gigafast 1000 products, each a commitment length of 24 months. In May alone, we achieved a high level of new revenue which equated to over 3 times the amount spent in media outlay, giving the campaign an ROI of 331%. This gave Hey!Broadband a revenue increase month on month of 16%, and significantly a jump in their highest priced product month on month of 12%. We also increased Hey!Broadband’s monthly revenue, with a similar spend, from January and February. We used our previous campaign data to continue to optimise our approach, leading to significant increases in results for our client.

Since May, we have continued to help Hey!Broadband to hit their sales targets month-on-month and the client is exceptionally pleased with the outcome of all the hard work that has gone into making campaigns a success.

Despite their size, Hey!Broadband are making big strides within their sector, achieving sales targets month by month. By leveraging their viewpoint as the fair fibre broadband supplier to their advantage, they are standing out for the things that matter and giving their brand authenticity and an impeccable level of trust with customers.

By bringing together data driven tactics to deliver on a more localised approach, plus the introduction of updated branding and new mascot ‘Benny’, Hey!Broadband are viewed as a friendlier and more approachable brand that provides transparency, simplicity, and expertise to their customers allowing them to scale up seamlessly in the future.

Need help optimising your campaigns?

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OOH** Out of home
ONS*** Office of National Statistics


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