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Unleashing Sure Petcare’s CRM potential


We began our partnership with Sure Petcare in 2022, a leading brand in pet technology and care. In a competitive bid alongside other eCRM agencies, we came out on top to help enhance Sure Petcare’s CRM programme.

Sure Petcare possessed a vast customer database spanning several years. But they lacked the regular, relevant, and engaging communication necessary for fostering stronger customer relationships.

The challenge

The challenge for Sure Petcare was to capitalise on their extensive customer database by improving their communication strategies. Their CRM programme needed a revamp – streamlining their operations to align with their brand’s broader objectives.

Their existing CRM failed to resonate with their customer base, preventing them from leveraging the full potential of their brand identity and customer relationships. The best approach was to start creating solid templates for emails, utilising our knowledge of accessibility, personalisation and best practices, and bringing to life their brand identity, look, and feel.

On top of this, we were tasked with bringing their CRM comms in line with their global social comms.

Dog sat on a mat next to a Sure Flap in a glass door from Sure Petcare

The solution

We set out on a comprehensive review and enhancement of Sure Petcare’s CRM system. With the initial focus on optimising the existing database, we developed a robust email template that adhered to best practices while reflecting Sure Petcare’s brand identity. Plus, we synchronised their CRM communications with the brand’s global social media strategy.

The journey began with creating essential customer journeys, which incorporated a web lead nurturing and a heartbeat newsletter communication. To sit alongside the newsletter communications, we designed and launched a three-email campaign celebrating Sure Petcare’s 15th anniversary. The pressure was on, but we were confident that our data-driven approach would deliver.

Our ‘Connect with your pet’ communication was created specifically for the UK customer base. This allowed the Sure Petcare team insight into any unusual patterns of behaviour that could indicate deeper changes or future issues. The focus here, was on how the Sure products allow the user to connect with their pets’ behaviours and emotions in new ways.

This campaign wasn’t just promotional, it aimed to increase engagement by connecting with different users across the database and supply relevant content to each.

The results

Our collaboration to enhance Sure Petcare’s CRM programme produced huge results, and our client was impressed. Engagement and reach within Sure Petcare’s audience surged, with overall engaged/reached customers soaring from 40% to 80%.

Flourish’s efforts also sustained a high level of engagement over time, with an average audience engagement rate of 52% and the average open rate at a remarkable 43%. This indicated that the content provided was relevant and compelling to Sure Petcare’s audience.

Through Flourish’s expertise, Sure Petcare have successfully transformed their CRM system into a powerful tool for building and nurturing customer relationships, driving significant improvements in engagement and cultivating long-term brand loyalty.

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