Kicking off a data-driven World Cup strategy for Samsung

The FIFA World Cup is about to kick off in Qatar, clashing with mega sales events across the globe, such as Black Friday and the festive season. It’s a collision that presents a prime opportunity for brands to take advantage of football mania while forging deeper relationships with their audience.

Flourish has been working with Samsung MENA to plan a focused strategy around the 2022 World Cup, finding the best ways to communicate the brand’s promotional offers and create memorable experiences for their customers.

It’s a plan that’s been in the making since June this year, and we’ve worked hard over the last five months to plan, collate data, and gather useful insights.

Our challenge was to position Samsung TVs as the best way to experience the beautiful game. So, our focus was finding the best approach to engage Samsung customers in the lead up to, and during, the World Cup tournament due to begin 20 November 2022.

To boost sales, we took a data-lead approach and interrogated the client’s database to generate insights around existing Samsung TV owners and non-Samsung TV owners, to create segmented audiences that we could tailor messaging for.

Of their potential audience, we were able to identify:

  • Most popular TV products Vs least purchased
  • Samsung e-store order quantities for each product and their respective audiences
  • How many customers had ordered once Vs multiple purchases by a single customer for TV products
  • That 41% of Samsung TV owners also own a Samsung mobile device
  • Which customer segments were most likely to purchase using the e-store
  • Patterns within the persona types for those who own multiple Samsung devices, which showed that owners of certain mobile products also owned the same TV product, or were most likely to purchase particular models
  • Specific demographical information such as gender, age and location that could help the Samsung team to better tailor campaign creative and improve the customer experience

We allocated different segments to a series of planned phases throughout the campaign, creating a customer journey map that would take each customer from being a hand-raiser to a purchaser. And every journey was informed by individual interests, purchase history, number of owned Samsung devices and engagement with other Samsung products and services.

Our strategy involved three phases:

  • Phase 1: The ‘Training Phase’. Train the audience by focusing on data enrichment, collecting interest through hand-raising and interest tags.
  • Phase 2: The ‘Warm-up Phase’. Tapping into the excitement fans have for the upcoming World Cup by ensuring they are best prepared to have an unforgettable World Cup experience (with a Samsung TV) by highlighting features and benefits.
  • Phase 3: ‘Game on’. As the football is in full swing, the focus will be on driving conversion, including key offers and product comparisons, and ultimately driving urgency for customers to purchase before offers (and the World Cup) end.

Our team helped to plan a series of triggered communications at key moments in the customer journey, including comms to help convert sales, upsell, drive urgency, and re-market to customers who had abandoned their carts. We also proposed an A/B testing strategy to test the efficacy of variable creative such a subject line and personalisation. We also provided a creative framework for the emails, before handing over to the Samsung MENA internal team to implement the campaign in time for the World Cup kick off.

A ball is yet to be kicked, but Samsung’s push for World Cup glory is well underway. And we’re quietly confident that our data-driven planning, use of real customer insights and pragmatic approach will prove to be a winner.

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