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Creating a World of Tequila for Proximo

Creating a World of Tequila for Proximo

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Proximo is a global innovator of quality Tequila spirits. Their portfolio includes some of the world’s most-loved spirit brands including 1800, Maestro Dobel, Gran Centenario and the world’s #1 Tequila brand, Jose Cuervo. In an ever growing agave spirits category, Proximo distributes more than 6 million cases per year across the world.

Whilst Tequila is popular around the world, outside of North America it tends to be consumed as a party spirit; at best enjoyed in a cocktail, at worst slammed with salt and lemon. The reality is that Tequila is an artisanal product, with a rich heritage and complex tasting profile.

The team at Proximo wanted to develop a suite of websites to create digital destinations so they could tell the story of the products they love to shift the perception of Tequila amongst consumers, reach new audiences and educate staff, sales reps and the trade.

World of Tequila website design mock up

The Challenge

Proximo’s Tequila portfolio consists of multiple brands, each with their own look and feel. A major challenge was how to manage multiple tequila brands in a coherent digital space. In addition, there were specific objectives for the sites:

1. Enable category education, upsell and product selection.

2. Accommodate existing global web properties, but still deliver contextually relevant product recommendations including territory specific conversion paths.

3. Turn the wealth of trade upsell resources available on internal servers (e.g. tasting notes, serving suggestions, POS guidance) into engaging and user-friendly content.

Preview of Jose Cuervo tequila on World of Tequila website

The Solution

We took a category and brand approach across three websites; World of Tequila encompassing all Proximo agave brands, plus individual sites for the Jose Cuervo and 1800.

We categorised audiences into key clusters, so we could develop content across the sites for those that always, never and occasionally chose Tequila, directing audiences to the correct territories based on whether they were either category or product-aware. By highlighting the culture, history and provenance behind Proximo’s agave based spirits, we were able to educate site visitors on the most relevant content for them, whether that be at a category or individual brand level.

We also created an acquisition strategy including a detailed comms and media plan to drive traffic to the sites through media, SEO and social channels.

Preview of Proximo tequila brands on World of Tequila website

The Results

We’re proud to have successfully delivered three global brand properties alongside each other, for some of the world’s most prominent tequila brands. You can check them out below:

We were careful to ensure that we avoided the use of duplicate content, whilst mitigating damage to rankings by implementing appropriate geotargeting redirects, alternate language tagging and markup, and considering SEO at all stages of design and content development.


new users in the first 2 weeks of launch

A user-friendly trade resource section allowed sales and internal marketing representatives to demo guides and branded collateral on-the-go across multiple devices.

Each site met the UX requirements for delivering dynamic and engaging educational content, filterable and recommended recipe sections and a seamless conversion path to geographically relevant brand D2C sites.

We also created an all-in-one dashboard to track content consumption, engagement, regional intrigue and conversions across all three sites, enabling the team to measure and report on key metrics in-line with their overall business goals.

Alongside the project, we helped Proximo to acquire and secure over 100 region specific brand domains for redirects and safeguarding.

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